From sea to the table
"About a short life of prawns"

(1) Yes! Filip first throws and five pieces are caught in the net!
(3) Filip teaches me how to throw the net from left side.
(5) Fortunately he is very nice and friendly and even teaches us how to do that properly.
(7) It might not look like but we are wery good students.
(9) This is the result of the new method. Three prawns in the net.
(11) Filip realy loves seafood too much.
(13) This is our photographer Raf.
(15) Prawns in boiling pond (good for their health).
(17) Compare the size of our prawn with the cup!
(2) My style is not too professional but it has a good result. 
(4) At the same moment misterious Mr XXXL showes up with his net. We are just afraid that we are fishing in his waters and we will have to beat him up to get our place.
(6) This is the example of excelent technique when he trows the net with one simple movement of his wrist.
(8) And we agree that we must look little bit goofy.
(10) There are small fish sometimes in the net.
(12) We have 25 prawns after two hours.
(14) Jumping into the hot spa!
(16) They changed to beautiful colour after two minutes.
(18) This is the end of the story about prawns "From sea to the table".




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25 prawns


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